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Non-Branded Stylist to Stylist Education

Caitlin, thank you so much for a great class. You are an outstanding educator, you've completely reprogramed my brain in TWO days. Every mistake I've learned from, along the way prior to your class was learned the hard way. To see you explain it an give the WHY reassured me as a stylist in more ways than one (if that makes sense). It's not easy to come by an industry educator with great knowledge, transparency, relatability, and patience. Thank you for teaching me the way that I learn. You're the best hair extension educator, best class attended EVER. Serious. Proper preparation prevents problems, I'll never forget that. You da bomb!

Christi  - Azur Salon, Houston TX

What Class Is The Best Fit For You?

I-Tip         K-Tip       Tape-In       Sew-In Weft

One Method


*$500 Deposit due when selecting this class.

For my stylist that like to give all their attention to one thing at a time or maybe already have a few methods under their belt, this is the course for you! You can choose any of the three main methods (Tape, Beaded, or Fusion) you want to learn and we will go over everything there is to know about that category, this class will have you feeling like a pro as you walk out the door!

Two Methods


*$750 Deposit due when selecting this class.

When it comes to extensions the more you have in your arsenal the better. No one client is going to be the same and learning two methods is s great way to start to build your extension specialist tool belt. This course will allow you to choose which ever two methods you feel will be best catered to your clientele and if you need help figuring that out I am here to guide you!

Customized Full Day


*$750 Deposit due when selecting this class.

The sky is the limit! If you had an industry expert in front of you for eight hours, what would you want to learn? Go ahead and write it down because we will be covering it all! Two weeks prior to our class date you and I will get on a video chat and discuss exactly what we want to cover, and don't worry if you can't think of any specifics, I will have it covered!​ - This class is for stylist that already have taken an extension course and are looking for a more in-depth focused training.

Group Classes


* For Group Classes, it is $500 each additional person.

This class allows up to 3 people to participate in the class. You can choose whichever class you'd like to take and make it a group style class. The price of the class is the original base price of whichever class you have chosen plus $500 for each additional; person. Example: Master class (Two methods) $1500, two extra people are attending, $500/person, the class total would be $2500.

Private One on One Classes

The Class:

Choice of one or two methods dependig on class choice; Sew-In, I-Tip, K-Tip, Tape-In

6 Hour Course

Live Model

What we go over during class:

How to choose the right method


Proper sectioning for different hair density

How to customize the methods for different density

Full install on the model

Cutting, blending, shaping

At home care

Business Structure; Pricing, legal documents etc.

A 50% percent non-refundable deposit is required when booking a class date.

Caitlin came to our Salon at Turning Heads in Denton Md. She was amazing. She was very informative and energetic. We cant wait to have her back to learn more. She is passionate about her work and teaching and it shows. Thank you Caitlin!

Deborah - Turning Heads, Denton MD