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By: Extensionologist

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It’s all about creating the natural look

"Caitlin Meehan has been in the beauty industry since her early teens. She is dedicated to her career as she continues to grow as a hair extension specialist as well as educational specialist for numerous well known extension brands. As an Education Specialist Caitlin has been able to share her love and passion for the art of hair extensions with other stylist around the country as well as internationally."

- Allied Beauty Association


With 100% Remy human hair sewn together and sealed between a polyurethane template and medical grade adhesive these tape wefts are securely applied back-to-back with your hair sandwiched in between. Quick and easy to apply; a full head can be applied in less than an hour and the hair can be re-used as it needs to be re-adjusted every 6 weeks.

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The I-Tip method uses small beads to attach the hair extensions to your hair, clamping the extensions securely in place. A clean and quick application method with no use of adhesives or heat, with an equally simple removal process. The hair can be re-used and is more cost-effective in the long run. However, re-adjustment of the extensions will be required every 6-8 weeks.

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Sew-In Weft

Sew-In wefts are a growing trend in the industry. You may have heard it talked about as "hand-tied" when in-fact this is the oldest method to date. the weft can be installed in many ways, but I chose to install this type of hair using a beaded foundation (braidless) I am more than happy to discuss the many options of weft installation with you! This method says in the hair 6 weeks before you need to me back and have it moved up. 

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Pre-bonded keratin tipped hair extensions offer beautiful natural-looking results and causing no damage to your own hair when applied professionally and with good maintenance at home. Each bond is fused onto your hair using a hot fusion application to create a strong small bond that is virtually undetectable. With the right aftercare you can wear these for up to 4 months before safely & professionally removing them and having your next set, or chose to have new hair cycled in as a "fill" periodically as the ware.

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With the use of keratin tipped hair this method goes beyond expectations, providing a solution for thinning or fine hair clients, as they are able to be applied almost directly on the hairline with close to zero detection. These extensions require no removal process as they shed out naturally on their own during the 4-6 week ware. Clients re-visit the studio to have a "micro-fill" every 3-5 weeks.

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Hair extensions are a cosmetic procedure and they should be applied to healthy hair. The hair should be at least 3-4 inches in length to provide comfortable attachments. There are some medical conditions that may make a minority of clients unsuitable for extensions, which is why we insist that the client has an in-depth consultation. At this stage, we can determine the suitability of applying hair extensions on the client’s own hair and also be confident that we can produce a high quality result with the most natural looking hair extensions.